Public Speaking Rhetor Class

You have just been recruited to work with a multinational and your first assignment is to deliver a key presentation before the Country Director of your Region. You made great speeches while in the University and even at your former work place so you are not new to public speaking and presentations. As you stepped into the boardroom and looked at the audience, you lost all your lines. What was meant to be a walk in the park turned out otherwise.

Perhaps, you are new to public speaking or you are fresh from the university or law school with no experience, and your first job is to move a motion in the courtroom or to make a presentation before the management of your organization. However, you are thinking that public speaking is not for you and you might probably fail at it.

Dear professional, public speaking is 10% talent and 90% preparation. Many erroneously believe
that great speakers are born. However, we at The Rhetor Place know as a fact that great speakers learn the craft of public speaking and practice the art of persuasion whether in the courtroom, the boardroom, or on a public stage.

Our business at The Rhetor Place is helping some of the world’s best communicators communicate even more effectively. We also help professionals with zero public speaking experience communicate with gusto. We want your presentations to be as persuasive as possible through good use of rhetoric style, body language, cohesive storylines, effective demonstratives and other art-emerging linguistic discourse.

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