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Mr. Farotimi commenced his legal career as a litigation counsel in the law firms of Adesina Ogunlana & Co, Basa & Partners and others before joining the law firm of K. O. Tinubu & Co., where he worked under notable legal luminaries such as the late K. O. Tinubu, B. R. Fashola, SAN and Rasheed Oluwa, before leaving to start Dele Farotimi & Co. in 2002.

In addition to cross border intellectual property, electricity and finance transactions, amongst others and some high-profile litigation which he has effectively handled over the years.

The law firm under his leadership has become perhaps the largest real estate law practice in Lagos providing transaction support services, handling title transfers, financing and mortgages in relation to housing estate developments in Lagos. 

Mr. Farotimi has coordinated and concluded over 3,000 real estate transaction in the last 10 years.

Education: Nigerian Law School | Faculty of Law, Lagos State University

He is the Principal Partner of the Firm.